Malla Foundation



Nepal is a magic place where the magnificence of the world’s highest mountains is mirrored in the rugged beauty and unique culture of the people who live in their shadow. But these people often live without basic health care and education. Economic pressures have forced environmental degradation.

Malla Foundation was founded to respond to these pressing problems. What we do is basic: we make change – positive, tangible change – happen. Malla Foundation main objective is to make a deep impact on social work through its advocacy and codification of emerging methods. This, with its focus on the Malla family welfare and its culture preservation, and upon a scientific approach provided a key foundation for the development of social work as profession in various parts of Nepal.

Malla Group supports projects that are on a human scale and directly benefit people. We deeply respect our local partners. Our work responds to their priorities and concerns, and Malla Group projects always involve local commitment and community participation.