Malla Group is a upcoming conglomerate, based in Kathmandu,NEPAL. Group comprises an array of business portfolios  aimed at achieving long-term sustainable  growth in pursuit of excellence in business  through innovative professional approaches and our hard working culture.  We value our business partners and customers alike in working together in achieving business objectives  and to our customers -  providing them highest quality of merchandise, enhanced customer satisfaction and top of all  best of personalized services and total solutions. It is our overriding objective to offer superior value to our clients  in every aspect of  business and also in every aspect in  terms of Time, Cost and overall Quality spectrum.

We believe in innovative approaches  to  identify and  capitalize on the opportunities  to achieve a surging growth rate through flexible commitments and  tailor made solutions that can fulfill the demands of business success today and adapt more rapidly  for the needs of tomorrow !!

We are significantly capable in resources mobilization to forward businesses through collaborating, outsourcing and forming strategic Joint Venture partnerships on mutual benefit considerations .

At MALLA GROUP - Our motto is “Growing Business : Building Relations”

Malla Group’s  core business is defined  in Civil Engineering & Construction as a major. Group  has diversified the activities in sectors of Energy /Hydropower, Banking, Export /Import ,Trading ,Food Processing, Home Repair & Maintenance Services, E. Commerce/ Information Technologies, Handicrafts, Health Sector (Specialty Hospitals & Medical Nursing Training Institution) and Tourism/Hospitality etc.  Group  has acquired  licenses from Ministry of Industries for some more  commercially viable Businesses  and currently engaged  in carrying out detailed feasibility and other associated  prospectives to setup the same . Gorkha Organic Coffee Estate(P) Ltd.  is one subsidiary which is  recently incorporated  to tap the opportunities in growing field of  Export potential  of Organic Coffee of Nepal, which is accepted as specialty Himalayan Coffee for its distinct flavor as so grown on higher altitudes and are away from belt of Capricorn and Cancer in which most of Coffee growers of world are located. We have benchmark the Coffee  Plantation work  ,trading and Export .


Malla Group, is aiming to enter in to the lucrative sector of Tourism and Hospitality as a major thrust in not-too-distant- future. Tourism in Nepal is very promising and  a galloping segment for which Nepal is known to all over the globe. Group has acquired a  land in a strategic location  to build a Hotel/Resort in the  city of  Pokhara –which is a most popular travelers destination and known  as a Tourists paradise.

Human resource are the one undisputed strength of the Group, we posses highly skilled ,experienced and competent professionals. We have given employment to more than a hundred peoples  working direct/indirect service with us

For over decades, we have focused and assimilated on our motto: Growing Business : Building Relationship is one our corporate Philosophical  statement of  joint effort that consolidates  which literally means  Together  - We - can -Succeed  . 

We solicit and welcome all interested to associate with us in doing business in Nepal.

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